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Change the way you acquire your dream clients

See the traditional way vs the Expando way of approaching B2B sales.


Traditional Sales Pipeline


The traditional approach to prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals with target buyers.

Garnering interest through cold-calling and cold-emailing
Gathering relevant insights on potential clients through discovery and qualification calls
Lengthy negotiation and project management process with a lot of back-and-forth

Likelihood to close deals: Low

Expando Way


Let our vetted channel partners do the trust-building with decision-makers for you. All you have to do is close the deal.

List your project and let channel partners handpick sales qualified leads within their network
Receive client memo with identified pain points from channel partners before your meeting
Track updates, give feedback, and coordinate in one place

Likelihood to close deals: High

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Scale with our 50+ channel partners

Our vetted community of partners open up their network to disruptive B2B businesses.

Profile of Ludovic Krundel

Ludovic Krundel

Co-Founder & EVP at

Fintechport SZ

Profile of Lina Ly

Lina Ly

Ex-Managing Director at

L'Occitane APAC

Profile of Yolane Japhet

Yolane Japhet

Partner at

Panamasia HK

Profile of Thomas di Rienzo

Thomas Di Rienzo

BD Director at

Korn Ferry SG

Profile of Arian Hassani

Arian Hassani

Co-Founder and CEO at

Jobkast HK

Profile of Marena Subitra

Marena Subitra

Founder and Director at

Adept Consulting HK

Profile of Wing Lee

Wing Lee

Partner at

WNJ Ventures Capital HK

Profile of Jean-Baptiste Allemandou

J.B. Allemandou

Head of Sales & BD at

Transform Asia SG

40+ startups met with top corporates with Expando

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150+ opportunities generated

45+ meetings scheduled

25% average conversion rate

Expando is our top acquisition channel.

"Expando delivered more sales qualified leads than any other platforms we tested so far."

Jelte A. Wingender
Jelte A. Wingender

Co-Founder and CEO @FoundersLair

Efficient and responsive partners at Expando.

"It would have taken me forever to get in touch with a luxury brand client in Hong Kong."

Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan
Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan

Co-Founder and COO

I recommend the Expando platform.

"Expando is the easiest and most rewarding way to help European startups onboard in Asia."

Julien Coupat
Julien Coupat

Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor Partner @Expando