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Traditional Method


Outbound: Cold outreach, cold calling, expensive ads.

Conversion rate: 5-8%
Result: Non-recurring clients
Access to: Semi-qualified contacts
Based on random data

Expando®'s Solution


Nearbound: Connect with your ideal customer profiles (ICPs) leveraging our referral partners.

Conversion rate: 15-25%
Result: A reliable and sticky client base
Access to: Qualified warm introductions
Based on trust supported by data
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65+ scale-ups met with top corporates with Expando®.

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230+ warm introductions generated

60+ meetings scheduled

25% average conversion rate

Expando® is our top acquisition channel.

"Expando® delivered more sales qualified leads than any other platforms we tested so far."

Jelte A. Wingender
Jelte A. Wingender

Co-Founder and CEO @FoundersLair

Efficient and responsive partners at Expando®.

"It would have taken me forever to get in touch with a luxury brand client in Hong Kong."

Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan
Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan

Co-Founder and COO

I recommend the Expando® platform.

"Expando® is the easiest and most rewarding way to help European startups onboard in Asia."

Julien Coupat
Julien Coupat

Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor Partner @Expando®