Expando's founding team

HKSTP-incubated startup Expando contributed to the promotion of the Hong Kong ecosystem at Viva Tech 2024, at the Hong Kong Pavilion led by HKTDC.

PARIS, FRANCE - 24 May 2024 - Expando, a referral partnership SaaS company backed by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP), is proud to announce their successful participation at Viva Tech 2024 — Europe’s largest tech conference — in Paris, France.   Expando was part of the Hong Kong contingent invited by HKTDC to speak in three key speaking sessions. They shared about navigating the complexities and capturing the opportunities of the Hong Kong business landscape through referral partnerships.  


Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po and the Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry, Professor Sun Dong led the Hong Kong contingent at Viva Tech 2024.

The Hong Kong contingent, led by Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po and the Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, spearheaded efforts to promote the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to a European business audience. This strategic initiative aims to transform Hong Kong, Macau, and major regions like Shenzhen into a Chinese Silicon Valley.   Mr. Chan's visit to VivaTech underscores the strategic importance of the GBA project and highlights Hong Kong's pivotal role in this high-tech corridor. During the event, Paul Chan Mo-po met with key industry leaders and innovators to discuss the GBA's potential as a global hub for technology and innovation.   One of the significant meetings included discussions with Xavier Roso, Co-Founder & CEO of Expando. Xavier emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships and the ability of Hong Kong startups to make a significant impact globally.   Xavier articulated Expando's mission to "help B2B SaaS scale-ups market their products worldwide through our unique referral partner software." He further stated, "The GBA project aligns perfectly with our goals, and we see immense potential in collaborating with Hong Kong's vibrant tech ecosystem."  

Viva Tech 2024: A Platform for Global Innovation

Viva Tech 2024 provided an extraordinary platform for showcasing cutting-edge innovations. The event featured giants like Salesforce, Meta, LVMH, and Tesla, alongside thousands of startups demonstrating the latest innovations in robotics, AI, and other verticals.   Some key highlights from Viva Tech 2024:

  • Scale of Viva Tech 2024: The event solidified its status as the top tech conference in Europe, with participation from industry giants and thousands of innovative startups. The energy and creativity were palpable, making it a truly inspiring experience.

  • World-Class Speaking Opportunities: The event's impeccable organization, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and precise coordination created an exceptional platform for keynote speakers to share their insights and ideas with an international audience. Particularly noteworthy were the presentations by Elon Musk, Arthur Mensch, and the Williams sisters, which captivated attendees and demonstrated the event's ability to attract and amplify the voices of industry titans and thought leaders.

  • Amazing Networking Opportunities: Viva Tech 2024 offered incredible networking opportunities with business leaders. Expando connected with companies like Libertify — winner of the Hong Kong FinTech FastTrack 2023 — and Contentsquare — a La French Tech Next40 company — fostering idea-sharing, collaboration, and growth within the vibrant global tech community.

  • Arrival of Hong Kong Officials: The presence of Hong Kong officials, including Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po and the Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, underscored the global significance of Viva Tech 2024. Their participation highlighted the strategic importance of Hong Kong in the global tech landscape.

Expando's founding team

Co-Founder and CEO Xavier Roso shared his insights on leveraging referral partnerships to capture business opportunities in the Hong Kong tech ecosystem.


AI Titans at Viva Tech 2024

Generative AI was the hot topic of Viva Tech 2024. The event featured presentations from AI leaders such as Elon Musk (CEO of Grok), Robin Li (CEO of Baidu), and Arthur Mensch (CEO of Mistral.ai). Musk's candid discussions on AI and political correctness, along with engaging moments and interactions, captivated the audience. Other notable speakers included Eric Schmidt, Arthur Madrid, Marc Benioff, and Jean-Charles Decaux. Clara Shih (CEO of Salesforce AI) delivered particularly impactful insights with remarkable reactivity.  


The participation of HKTDC and HKSTP at Viva Tech 2024 marked a significant step in promoting the Greater Bay Area as a leading global hub for technology and innovation. Through strategic partnerships and global collaboration, Hong Kong is poised to drive the next wave of technological advancements.   For further information, please contact: Co-Founder & CEO: xavier@expando.world Global Growth Lead: wilbert@expando.world Europe Growth Lead: constantin@expando.world  


About Expando: Expando is building Asia-Pacific’s largest partner ecosystem, a centralised platform where sales and channel managers in B2B SaaS companies can connect with trusted industry experts who can endorse their disruptive products to decision-makers in APAC.   Founded in 2021 in Hong Kong, Expando is an award-winning startup backed by CityU's HK Tech 300 and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP). Expando is an AI-powered referral software that connects B2B SaaS companies with referral partners in APAC to build a predictable referral pipeline.   About HKTDC: The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body dedicated to promoting Hong Kong trade. Our mission is to create opportunities for Hong Kong companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to connect with business partners worldwide.   About HKSTP: The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a statutory body dedicated to fostering innovation and technology development in Hong Kong. We provide infrastructure, support services, and a vibrant ecosystem for startups and technology companies to thrive.  

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