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By combining Artificial Intelligence with Community, Expando offers sales opportunities with high trust.

Our Experts, Your Ambassadors

Vetted Business Experts are rewarded for qualifying opportunities and making endorsed introductions.

Value for Money

Expando's Artificial Intelligence software scores Lead Quality and sets the right level of Rewards.

Very Flexible Pricing

No subscription. Pay as you go for the number and quality of introductions expected.


Our awesome features

Our community delivers unique opportunities

Accelerate your Sales Opportunities

Agreement Management

Keep track of all your network's agreements in one place. No more administrative nightmares.


Keep track of your leads at a glance with enriched client information and multi-project visibility through your dashboard.


Connect with your support network, message and schedule meetings to explore more opportunities.

Payments & Compliance

Manage and make your transactions with Expando. Reward experts seamlessly in compliance with local regulations.

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