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Reviewed and approved, our vetted Experts have what it takes to transform Sales Ambitions into Reality:

Demonstrated Professional Experience

10+ years working with decision-makers.

Owns a Robust Network

Wide range of connections within an industry.


Genuine interest in supporting startups.


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Become an Industry Influencer

Connect Leading Startups with the clients they need to grow and be an integral part of their journey. You can do this by:

Making Introductions

Facilitating Meetings


Deal Closing

Many more...

Opportunities brought by Experts through Expando

Leverage your network to impact leading startups.

Bringing together diverse expert profiles

Business Professionals

Our platform enables independent Sales & Business Development professionals to increase their sales performance by quickly and efficiently bringing opportunities from their network.

Community Builders

Our community builders are individuals who have expertise and network in technology. They work to develop, cultivate, and grow communities within an organization. They can identify creative solutions for reaching customers.

Mentors & Support Programs

They are invaluable for entrepreneurs and business owners as they provide a wide range of introductions to potential clients. These introductions can come from a variety of sources, including the mentor's network, professional contacts, and other industry contacts.

Founders & Startup Fans

Startup founders and startup fans support each other through making qualified introductions by connecting people in their networks who may be helpful to each other. For example, if a startup founder needs to find funding, a startup fan can make an introduction to investors or mentors in their network who may be able

Simplify the Project Process

Through Expando you can save a lot of time on unnecessary time-consuming tasks and focus on what really creates value.

Quick and Easy

With Expando all you need to do is add projects you are interested in. Save time on lengthy negotiation, and agreement processes.

Cut out the back-and-forth

Say bye bye to the long process of demystifying client needs and following up on important details. Through our platform, we get the relevant details to you so you don't have to.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features


Higher visibility and transparency throughout the Project process.

Keep track of progress from your dashboard

Keep track on the progress of your introductions and performance, without needing to constantly follow-up to find out.

Crystal-clear payment terms

We do our best to negotiate the project terms for you and ensure that they are clear and fair. From the project page the payment terms are shown clearly and transparently.

Safe and Secure

We care about our experts so we take steps to protect your interests.

Vetted startups you can bet on

All startups on our platform have to be vetted and verified before they can post a project. By so doing, we lower your reputational risk as we only verify trustworthy startups.

Secure and reliable payment

Through our payment portal, payments can be made securely and reliably. As an Expert this ensure you are fairly rewarded at the end of the month for your efforts.

Our awesome features

Use Expando to revolutionise your sales cycle

Whether you are a Business Expert or Startup, Expando has something to make your sales cycle better.

Traditional Way
The normal way of launching and taking up an introduction project
  • Lengthy Agreement and Negotiation Process
  • Unclear Payment Terms and difficulty Coordinating Payments
  • Vague Project Specifications
  • Lack of progress transparency
  • Reputational Risk
What we offer

What's In it For Experts

We believe in growing together.

Play a role in World Transformation

Every expert is unique and has the power to shape tomorrow's world. Our platform helps you contribute to the startup ecosystem.

Grow with Tech Leaders

By supporting Founders, you also benefit from their expertise and improve your expertise.

Get rewarded

Your contributions are valuable to Startups and deserve to be rewarded. Our system facilitates this process.

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3 simple steps to grow your startup's opportunities.

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Add projects that interest you and best suit your expertise to make an impact.

Make, Measure & Get Rewarded

Make Introductions, keep track of your performance through the dashboard, and get rewarded for your efforts.