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Expando for Market Testing

Nailing product-market fit like a pro

Our vetted community of partners introduce you to qualified potential clients who can help refine your product for faster market growth.

Get your product-market fit validated

Qualified potential clients handpicked by our expert community give you feedback and valuable insights on the market demand of your product.

Determine your go-to-market quickly and cost-effectively

No need to spend your precious time and money looking for test users. Focus on brainstorming the perfect go-to-market plan that best aligns with your expansion goal.
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40+ startups met with top corporates with Expando

See what our community of leading startups are saying about us.

150+ opportunities generated

45+ meetings scheduled

25% average conversion rate

Expando is our top acquisition channel.

"Expando delivered more sales qualified leads than any other platforms we tested so far."

Jelte A. Wingender
Jelte A. Wingender

Co-Founder and CEO @FoundersLair

Efficient and responsive partners at Expando.

"It would have taken me forever to get in touch with a luxury brand client in Hong Kong."

Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan
Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan

Co-Founder and COO

I recommend the Expando platform.

"Expando is the easiest and most rewarding way to help European startups onboard in Asia."

Julien Coupat
Julien Coupat

Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor Partner @Expando

Your awesome startup must meet the following criteria:

  • Differentiated B2B product that addresses a variety of pain points
  • Proven business model with strong market traction
  • Daring to challenge the status quo every day