Tell us your startup stage and we'll let you know how we can help:

Expando for Early Stage

Nailing product-market fit like a pro

Our vetted community of partners introduce you to qualified potential clients and partners who can help refine your product for faster market growth.

Get your product-market fit validated

Qualified potential clients handpicked by our expert community give you feedback and valuable insights on the market demand of your product.

Determine your go-to-market quickly and cost-effectively

No need to spend your precious time and money looking for test users. Focus on brainstorming the perfect go-to-market plan that best aligns with your expansion goal.

Mature your product for global growth

Expando enables you to take your first step to global expansion. Fuel your product development with insights from qualified international clients, making future expansion easier.

Your awesome startup must meet the following criteria:

  • Differentiated B2B product that addresses a variety of users' pain points
  • Proven business model with strong market traction
  • Daring to challenge the status quo every day