Your partner-led growth plan based on your goals.

Market Entry Business Development
A plan that allows quick market testing while optimizing your entry costs.
A plan that helps you scale your revenue without incurring fixed costs.

From $250/Meeting

From $200 + 10%*/Meeting

*Revenue-sharing limited to first 2 years.
  •   Meeting scheduling & formal introduction
  •   AI-generated client memo
  •   Partner discovery
  •   Target list building
  •   Access to our cross-border perks & platform
  •   Access to our perks & platform
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Minimum of 5 meetings per month
1-week market entry program in an APAC market to quickly assess market traction.
A plan that helps you focus on closing while we build a predictable pipeline.

$1500 $990/team

$825 $600/month

  •   3 targeted client meetings (partner-sourced)
  •   3 targeted client meetings/month included
  •   1 meeting with technical or strategic partner
  •   $200 $125/additional meeting
  •   Workshops and networking events
  •   1 partner participation in in-person/online meeting
  •   Access to our cross-border perks & platform
  •   Bi-weekly check-in call
  •   Everything in Flexible included
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Minimum commitment of 3 months
Tailored services by our senior experts to increase your chances of success.
Tailored services to increase your chances of closing with your clients.


  •   Market-fit strategy

    Partner with our senior experts to turn your market entry idea into an actionable plan.

  •   Dedicated fractional partner manager
  •   Local representation

    Our local market-entry experts represents your company and assists with your client needs.

  •   Branding advisory with certified agency Innovize
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