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Your awesome startup must meet the following criteria:

Scalable and Differentiated B2B Product

Your product offers unique features and benefits that sets it apart from its competitors.

Proven Business Model

You've gained momentum in the market, customers, generating revenues and built strong use cases.

Goal-Oriented Mindset

You want to do things smart for your startup, you're not afraid of challenge the status quo every day.

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The Expando platform

Supporting Tomorrow's Tech Leaders

Local Growth

Need to grow Sales flexibly? We help startups strengthen their client base by accessing leading companies, so that they can focus on their product.

Market Expansion

Targeting new markets? We support you to unlock your first meetings and deals where our community is already established.

Empowering Asia's fastest growing organizations

They have used Expando for greater success.

Experts you can trust

All Expando Experts are vetted to be trustworthy and impactful. As such you can trust the Expert community to make an impact in your growth journey.

Reputable Expert network

Connect to an Expert network with years of business experience and networking, who can connect you to industry leaders and your dream clients.

Clear terms, no quarrels

Through our project format, we help you set clear project terms so you and your expert network can be on the same page about the project requirements. No more quarrels due to communication breakdowns.

Our awesome features
Matchmaking visualiser


Keep track of your leads at a glance and receive enriched client information and multi-project visibility, all in one place.

Streamline need discovery

We provide a standardised project format to simplify and speed up your project creation process. Through our questions you can answer all the important questions experts need to make an impact.

Cut out negotiation

Experts only need to add your project. You will no longer have to negotiate with every expert you work with as once we have helped you set project terms all experts need to do is add your project and get started.

Flexible payment

You set the compensation plan and collaboration model you would like for the project.

Flexible payment

You are able to set the reward for each project to suit your needs and the projects needs.

Collaboration model

You can also set on what basis rewards will be given whether it is on a success fee, retainer fee, fee per lead, fee per meeting and/or project-based fee basis.

Matchmaking visualiser

Let Expando streamline your Lead Generation

We strive to change the way startups enter new markets.

Boost your International Sales

Grow your revenue in multiple countries with a curated network of B2B Sales Experts.

Discover Experts

Expand Hassle-Free

Leverage business opportunities and activate cross-border tools.

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Focus on Core Strengths

Our user-friendly platform and dedicated support team help you keep focus.

How It Works

Use Expando to revolutionise your sales cycle

Whether you are a Business Expert or Startup, Expando has something to make your sales cycle better.

Traditional Way
The normal way of launching and taking up an introduction project
  • Lengthy Agreement and Negotiation Process
  • Unclear Payment Terms and difficulty Coordinating Payments
  • Vague Project Specifications
  • Lack of progress transparency
  • Reputational Risk
What we offer

Transform your Lead Generation in 4 steps

Get high conversion leads, manage experts in one place and eliminate admin. Focus on the core.

Create a Growth Project

Set the project format, rewards and get started. We help you create a clear and impactful project.

Match with vetted Experts

Get matched with vetted experts with interests and expertise that suits your needs, and who can connect you with hot leads.

Connect with your Clients

With your Sales Kit in hand, experts are able to approach, qualify and introduce high-conversion contacts.

Track and Reward

See all received introductions with enriched information on your dashboard, and reward seamlessly in full compliance with local regulations.