The company

Dealflow by Founders Lair is a Singapore-based, all-in-one open innovation platform that offers a streamlined solution for corporate innovation centers, startup accelerators, and governments to scout and manage startups from all over the world for free.


The challenge

Given the geographical proximity of Singapore and Hong Kong, Founders Lair was looking to explore new business opportunities with corporates and brands in the Hong Kong region.

Prior to that, their team had extensively relied on their hard-build local network and outbound sales strategies to identify and reach out to their ideal customers. It was obvious that a similar strategy would not apply to a new market where the team's network was less oppulent and the company's brand has less authority.


The solution

Over the past year, Expando has dramatically transformed Founders' Lair process, allowing them to lean on our referral partners for trusted introductions. Founders Lair has benefited from Expando in two significant ways:
  • Based on their customer profile, our network of referral partners have identified, qualified, and introduced Founders Lair to potential clients within their network with a clear interest.
  • With a dedicated referral management platform, the Founders Lair team is able to keep track of referrals as they turn into deals and communicate with referral partners on how to move the deals forward.


The outcome

We have introduced the Founders Lair team to leading organizations in real estate, luxury, and government in Hong Kong such as Cartier, New World Development, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).

As the company continues to close deals with corporates in Hong Kong, they plan on setting up a local presence in the market, as they have confirmed Hong Kong as a viable market for expansion.