The company

FundFluent is a platform that helps small businesses to access funding. Leveraging data-driven technology, they streamline access to grants, loans, and financing, making it easy for businesses to tell their full story.

The challenge

FundFluent's goal is to fill its sales pipeline with high-quality prospects, specifically startup founders looking for funding solutions. They have entrusted Expando to build a stream of referrals so they can focus on the bottom of the client acquisition funnel.

The solution

FundFluent has benefitted from Expando in two significant ways:
  • Our network of referral partners are deeply involved in the Hong Kong startup community. They have identified, qualified, and introduced FundFluent to startup founders that have expressed clear needs for funding.
  • With a dedicated referral management platform, the FundFluent team is able to keep track of referrals as they turn into deals and communicate with referral partners on how to move the deals forward.

The outcome

Our referral partners have brought 9 warm introductions to FundFluent, all of which turned into sales appointments. The FundFluent team has signed a deal with 2 startups and is on the verge of closing the third one.