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Our team believes disruptive startups should no longer have to hunt for more sales opportunities. Too much time, energy and money are put in non-measurable actions that exhaust teams and yields limited revenue. Revenue is what best measure the real market potential of a product.

Striving to change the way startups grow revenue.

The best sales often comes from our support network, a good recommendation increases chances of closing. We aim to bring a modern approach to introductions making it a more scalable lead generation channel. We help startups clearly showcase their company, their product , define their needs, fairly reward performance.

Our awesome features
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Decentralizing Lead Generation

A large sales team is no longer needed, vetted startups can leverage our powerful network of pre-vetted experts to: - Make qualified Leads, - Schedule top-notch Appointments, - Close growth-fueling deals.


Meet our Team

We have a team of 4+ members counting from 6+ countries.

Xavier Roso
Entrepreneur & Ecosystem-Builder, Xavier has been growing SaaS businesses in Asia, he is the most connected of us.

Specialises in Go-to-Market Strategies Ecosystem Building

Thomas Di Rienzo
Entrepreneur & Consultant, Thomas is our expert in finding the right product-market fit in Education, Sales Training and HRtech.

Specialized in Partnership Building Sales Training

Zhafran Rafiedli
Zhafran brings his passion for business analysis and community building.

Specialises in: Business Analysis Digital Marketing

Vimbai Mushayikwa
Aspiring Founder & Product designer, Vimbai brings his international experience.

Specializes in: Design-Thinking Product Design

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Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

We are proudly selected in 2022's cohort of Asia's most selective incubation program HKSTP. A major technology hub for the most cutting-edge products, with 800 tech companies, providing infrastructure, investment and support to local and international technology companies.

With a presence across Europe and Asia

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